Sunday, 21 October 2007

'. . . holding up clouds with three syllables . . .'

Here's another Wild Goose Poem for you (see some of my previous posts).

This one is brand new and hot off the press. It's by Michael Gravel , who's a poet in Edmonton, Alberta. It landed in my email inbox one Friday last month because I'm on Michael's Friday's Poem mailing list (why not sign up yourself? - his poems are brilliant and thought-provoking and they can brighten up a working Friday in a flash).

I didn't publish it here when it first arrived (even though its timing was so very apt), because it's ©, and I couldn't link to it because it wasn't on Michael's website at the time.

But it is now, so click here to enjoy Wild Geese


Michael said...

Hello Juliet,

Thanks for the notice and the link. I gotta say that I'm liking your blog very much. Your photos are wonderful. They make me want to visit...

monix said...

Thanks for the addition to the wild goose collection.

Juliet said...

Thanks Michael - just don't stop sending the Friday Poems, OK? They brighten up my week. Hope you're enjoying married life. If you ever do visit, don't forget to come and share a pint and some seafood on the Muddy Island!