Thursday, 4 October 2007


I've changed my Songspot widget so that music starts playing automatically now.

Do you find this really irritating? Do you head straight for the 'off' button? Does it make you think 'ahhhhh, how lovely . . .' or 'arrgghh, how ghastly and annoying'? Will it make you stop visiting Musings altogether? Or will you come more often and bring a nice cup of a tea and a biscuit along with you?

Please leave a comment or email me to let me know what you think. My aim at all times is to keep everyone happy and smiling!


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy the music. I don't always have the speakers switched on so there is always an element of control. Sometimes when I am listening to the radio online whilst browsing blogs a site that plays music automatically might interrupt but I'm totally laid back about that. So overall I'm in favour of the music and don't mind it starting automatically. Lovely pics for TBTE on Weds.

monix said...

Happy and smiling!

Anonymous said...

Hi and Thank you for the great photos. I'm from mersea and studying abroad at the moment but love to see the images of our beloved island. Great cure for when i'm feeling homesick. I don't mind the music but usually pause it. I found your blog via the Rev. Sam Norton who has some great images too. These blogs are great. Another favourite of mine is the Mersea Wildlife blog by Ranger Dougal of Cudmore Grove over in East Mersea. Keep up the good work Julie.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for music - but I would say that woudn't I? And how could one not want to listen to Chopin or Vaughan Williams?

However, I think I overdid it choosing Richard Thompson the other day. More 'in your face' than background trilling. So he had to go.

A very Happy Poetry Day to you!

Juliet said...

Thanks everyone who commented and those who emailed, too. In fact, my own music started to irritate me after a few days, so I've turned it off again. You can click to play if you wish (and I hope you will enjoy my new selection). I think it's less obtrusive this way.