Wednesday, 10 October 2007


Dark and wet all day. The sky was a uniform charcoal grey. Then, magically, round about 6 pm a band of bright light appeared on the horizon, and some fluffy white clouds, and the scene was set for a spectacular sunset after all. Setting of the sun that we hadn't seen all day. I was too embroiled in the domestic chaos attendant upon the getting of supper, so I didn't get down there go go 'point, click'. But Elizaphanian did, and this is one of his. I freely confess, without the slightest contrition, to having stolen it without asking because (a) he did the same with one of mine the other day (!), and (b) it gives me an opportunity to reiterate my assertion that Sam's TBTM/A/E pics are wildly superior to my own (and more frequent, too), so if you want to know what it's like down on the beach on the Muddy Island, and I'm not in one of my obliging moods, that's the blog to visit (and there's lots more there than pretty beach pics, too).

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