Friday, 12 October 2007


Quiet, reflective, a little misty. Had been mystified about something for much of the day, and brooding. Watched geese taking off, noisily, from the mud and suddenly something dawned on me and all was clear.

Have been too busy clearing my desk before next week's trip to have any time to ponder further upon my unfinished musings, so they will have to wait. Also have 40 fluorescent orange and yellow bibs to mend for Colchester RFC Under-6s before Sunday morning. They are surprisingly stinky (bibs, not U-6s) and I wish I'd washed them before starting work, and I have run out of velcro, and there are holes in my finger (a thimble would be handy but mine has disappeared), and I quite urgently need a large glass of wine, and I need it now.

So, switching to Blog-lite mode for a while. Back next weekend with reports and pics from Scottish trip.

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Anonymous said...

Juliet - you lucky thing, hope you have a good visit to Scotland and don't forget to bring us back some lovely shots if you get the chance. Teresa