Saturday, 7 June 2008

£1.40's worth

. . . of books from one of my favourite charity shops this morning.

I already have this edition of The Well of Loneliness, but it's a Green Virago, so I couldn't possibly not scoop it up, could I?
And I've never read any of Antonia Fraser's Jemima Shore stories, and probably never would have done, but this one is set on a Scottish island (oh, and it was only 20p!) and so I thought it would make a good addition to my self-imposed Island Fiction Reading Challenge, which started here and developed here here (and my thanks to Petrona for putting out a call for suggestions).

I'm currently re-reading some George MacKay Brown short stories, The Sun's Net, which are set on Orkney. All further suggestions most welcome - and it's British islands I'm particularly interested in (so no need to mention Ms Hislop, thanks!).

The jacket blurb for Wild Island says this is:

'. . . an adventure far removed from Jemima's visions of heather-covered hills, crystal-clear streams, romantic men in kilts, fairy-tale castles . . . Instead she is plunged into the strange world of the aristocratic Beauregard family with its tensions, its jealousies and its violence. The setting is the Wild Island itself, sometimes enchanting but too often frighteningly remote.'

Hmm, well it's a shame about the lack of romantic men in kilts, but it still sounds like a good cosy one for a rainy evening with a glass of this!

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Anonymous said...

A good haul. I've read and thoroughly enjoyed the Susan Hill series, Elegance, What I Loved and The House of Sand and Fog.
I'd love to read the Jemima Shaw books - let me know when you plan to send that one back to the charity shop and I'll mug you for it!