Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Crafty ampersands for a Wednesday afternoon

More delicious ampersandery discovered this week:

First, it's the ampersand hat.

This is by Susette from Knitting Letters: A to Z, which is the most fabulous site, combining typographical erudition with gorgeous textile designs. Every post also includes dozens of design-history and other relevant links.

I am an Ex-Knitter. Knitting was something of an obsession 20 years ago but my enthusiasm petered out when I realised that knitting baby clothes was definitely Not My Thing. Exploring Susette's site, I found myself genuinely inspired, for the first time in ages, to take up my needles once again.

The Knitted Alphabet has got as far as M, so there will be plenty more letters emerging over the coming months, and I'm really looking forward to watching the project develop.

And here's a pendant to gladden the hearts of ampersand lovers - it's based on a wooden Scrabble tile and comes from BrownEyedPeas on Etsy.

And finally, also on Etsy, here's the Ampersand Clock by Infinity Arts.

Oh, and here's an interesting article on the history and construction of ampersands on the Hoefler & Frere-Jones website.


dougalfish said...

I took up knitting again, after about 15 years, last year - everyone got scarves for Christmas (and I haven't seen one worn!) but now just knit for charity as I find it relaxing when the brain is overtaxed and reading is too difficult. I WANT that hat!

Is it okay for me to link to your first post about age-branding on my naughty step blog?

Juliet said...

Hi - you can't have it cos I saw it first and *I* want it!!

Yes of course you can link anything you like - I thought at first you meant I should be sitting on the naughty step myself for having written it but now I've been over for a quick visit I understand!

dougalfish said...

no it most definitely my bottom on the naughty step lol!

Juliet said...

That's good then, 'cos mine would never fit on to a single step!!

Jane Badger said...

Love that hat!