Saturday 19 April 2008

My Saturday

A long walk by the sea this morning. Higher than expected tide. Usual route to beach impassable.
Cold and Januaryesque, so hot chocolate en route entirely excusable - indeed, jolly well-deserved, say I. Jumped nimbly over a breakwater, landed on steep pile of oyster shells and pulled a muscle I wasn't aware existed. (Clearly good material in there re the oyster who pulled a mussel, but I'm famously hopeless at telling jokes.)

Limped home. Excellent start to training for RfL!

Good haul of sea glass, though.
Home alone for the afternoon, have been reclining on a sofa with a constant supply of tea and catching up on some reading. Counted seven books recently read and not yet the subject of a Muddy Island Book Review. Seem to be suffering from reviewer's block. Am hoping this will soon pass.


Anonymous said...

Fab photos as ever, Juliet. But roll on summer!

Greg Dunn said...

Januaryesque? Don't I know it! I was two miles away, under my love, giving her the wet and dry treatment on her bottom, which as alluring as it sounds is my least favourite weekend of the year, as I end up with arms like an orangutan and look like the baddie in Halloween, with white face and hair from the antifouling dust.

I can empathise on muscle-pulling prior to a big race, but I got over mine in four days, which I hope you shall too. Good luck with the lonely miles.