Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Belated snow

OK, so I'm the last blogger in the UK to post pictures of the SNOW which magically appeared on Sunday morning, and I've been amply pipped to the post by some of my regular stop-offs in the UK blogosphere: eg, Logophilia and uphilldowndale, here and here.

So, be warned - what follows is very old news and may well bring on a bout of yawning. But it's not every day we wake to April snow!

My excuse is that I was, at the time, hunkered down in a broadband-free (nay, an internet- in any shape or form free, computerless location) - namely my parents' home in Little Sandhurst, Berkshire. But, gosh, how exciting it was. Especially for me!

Despite my having drawn back her curtains before she awoke, my younger daughter managed to get up and go downstairs in search of breakfast before she noticed. And of course, elder daughter was like, yeah, cool, whatever and back to texting her 'Not Boyfriend'. But there was me, out in my pyjamas and flip-flops first thing, taking pictures of the garden and trying to persuade the dog to venture forth for an early morning wee (she took one look and opted to stay indoors with her legs crossed!)

We excavated the darkest corners of the garage for some suitably sized wellies (which of course were just about the only thing I hadn't brought with us - we were prepared for hot and for cold but not for yer actual snow!). The trees in the woods at the end of the road were looking absolutely exquisite when we finally strode out for our post-breakfast walk. But a couple of hours and a snowman later, the thaw had already set in, and by the evening only small pockets of white were left in shady spots.


monix said...

Breathtakingly beautiful, isn't it? We had a few flakes here, that's all. I'm green with envy but thanks for sharing the view.

uphilldowndale said...

Poor melty snowman, he knows what is about to befall him

Logophile said...

Excellent pictures! I love the way snow transforms the world.

Cath said...

Gorgeous snowy pics. As Monix said, we had a few flakes down here in Devon, bit of hail, and that was it.