Wednesday 10 September 2008


Taken on a borrowed camera:

And many thanks to D at 60goingon16 for the scrumptious ice-cream-coloured beach huts yesterday.


Anonymous said...

wonderful, wonderful pictures - and how strange that someone over on the Yahoo group Dovegreyreaders just asked about beach huts and I was able to refer her to your blog. Oh I do love the internet. Teresa

wormauld said...

I've just found your blog via Taravagus and love the photo' would be lovely to have some of them framed I think. daphne
wormauld.a life in books and

Anonymous said...

Hi Juliet,

These are amazing photos!

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I'm very interested in having you participate in our closed site review occurring in several weeks. Essentially, we'd give you login information, have you create a user profile, peruse the site (i.e. the public art locations), and give us detailed feedback. Also, we will enable you to invite others who may be interested in our site.

Ideally, you enjoy and contribute to our site, and blog about it. We're hoping this is something you'd be interested in.

Thanks for your time. Please feel free to email me with any questions. I look forward to your response.


Megan Peterson
Marketing Specialist

Eccentric Scholar said...

My favorite photo is next to last one, in which the paint has relinquished itself to green moss, which in turn is hosting lavender and yellow leaves. When I enlarged the photo, my breath was literally taken away by this colorful, alien world!

Kim Velk said...

Lovely, as usual, even with borrowed equipment. I guess it's some proof that it's the eye that matters most.

Unknown said...

beautiful photos. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

See - even with a borrowed camera you take great photos.

Jane Badger said...

Lovely - and how wonderful to see some sun!