Saturday, 29 November 2008


Dull and grey, and turned to drizzle shortly after these were taken, and then merged imperceptibly into dusk and thence to darkness and rain. But a brisk, two-hour trudge did me good. Plenty of time for musing.


Martin Edwards said...

Even though their atmosphere is a bit melancholy, these are again great pictures. Very evocative.

Laura Frankstone said...

Wish I could have gone with you---I've been stuck indoors for days with (providing/creating)family celebrations and a bad cold on top of it all.
I've got a huge To Do list, but once I've made headway, I want to come back and read your musings at my leisure.
Stay warm and dry!

Juliet said...

Martin - definitely a melancholy day, but so difficult to decide whether the weather affects or merely reflects the mood!

Laura - Hope you feel better soon. I keep meaning to email you! I have awarded myself this evening off work, so will get on with it shortly.