Monday, 1 October 2007

Pinch, punch, first of the month (and no returns)

To mark the passing of another 30 days, I have changed my 'Video Clips of the Month' (down there at the bottom of the right-hand column). Hope that some of them strike a chord with someone, somewhere, &c, as all of them did with me.

I should have been picking over today's haul of blackberries but I completely forgot. I think I am suffering from shock.

Earlier this evening, a dead squirrel fell out of a tree and landed with a splat on the pavement twelve inches in front of me. Had I been a single pace further on, it would have landed on my head.

It all happened so quickly, but I am sure it was dead before it fell. I'd have thought squirrels would sort of, well, 'squirrel' themselves away somewhere quietly when they felt a spot of death coming on. But this one must simply have keeled over on its branch and down it plopped.

It's not the fact that it was so sadly deceased (ahhh, the poor wee thing), nor the fact that it made rather a nasty mess on the conker-strewn tarmac which makes me shudder still - it's the fact that it nearly landed on my head!


Luckily, that was way back then in September and now it's October. Phew!


60goingon16 said...

Love the new videos Juliet - especially the Albion printer. Did you hear Rowan Pelling talking about Klimt's The Kiss recently? (Last week on R4 I think.)

The dogs and I had a squirrel incident earlier this year. One plummeted into the river from the top of a tree in front of us. I was convinced that it meant curtains for Mr or Ms Squirrel but, a short while later, a very wet and bedraggled squirrel emerged from the river looking somewhat surprised, climbed up the bank and took off.

Juliet said...

I'm glad your squirrel-related adventure had a happier ending than my own! Yes I did hear (part of) the item about The Kiss. I must go and catch the end of it. Maybe it was this which brought his paintings to mind, or perhaps it's the time of year and dim, distant memories of spending the first few ££s of my student grant in Athena so I could cover my bedroom walls with Klimt posters!