Tuesday, 23 October 2007


OK, so it's far-fetched trash, but I like to think it's intelligent far-fetched trash.

When ER's not on (or the Rugby World Cup), it's the only thing I watch on telly!

Tonight, 9.00, BBC1.


Motheratlarge said...

It's my favourite programme on telly, except for the gory bits. But Rupert Penry Jones spoilt his tough guy image when we saw him reading the children's story on CBeebies last night.

Juliet said...

Just had a double dose tonight. Watched the next episode on BBC3, so I will be able to do the late shift from now on, rather than having to try and watch while eldest daughter is still pootling around in an annoying fashion (I'm a bit further down the line re the 'joys' of parenting than you!). I've always felt the reverse about RPJ, actually - I first saw him as the rather wet St John Rivers in the Ciaran Hinds/Samantha Morton Jane Eyre, and so it's taken a while to think of him as a tough guy at all. But he's very well cast as Adam. Just taken a look around your excellent blog - esp the trials of the homeworking parent. Halfway through half-term here, and all the children have seen of me is my back (face perpetually glued to PC), and all I have seen of them is their mounds of dirty clothes and stacks of extra washing up!

Motheratlarge said...

When I tried to find the next episode on BBC3 all I could find was Babs Windsor on Eastenders. Yes, he'd be a good St John Rivers. I'm now hoping he and Ros might get together, if she can escape the angry French spies who have shot her with a poison dart. Thanks for blogrolling me! I'll add you to mine.

Juliet said...

Comes on at 10.30, so just time in between to do a spot more work and then open a bottle of wine!