Sunday, 23 March 2008


Not the kind of Easter Day one anticipates, with daffodils weighed down by snow and blossom being blown from the trees by icy winds.

So after a brisk walk with the dog in the stinging cold and a quick visit to Grannie and Grandad's, it was roast beef and Yorkshire pudding and a lazy afternoon with new books, new toys, on-demand chocolate and, for me, a quiet retreat to my study to catch up on a bit of undemanding work (I'm leaving the nasty stuff until tomorrow) and blogging.

Everyone was too full to bother with a proper tea, so I merely cut and dished out the simnel cake to top up the sugar levels (dangerously high all day, but who cares?) and left it at that. SD#s 1 and 2 have now gone out for a run (in shorts - despite my maternal protestations - brrrrr). Bath time for SD#3 in a minute and then more self-indulgent feet-up time, I suspect.

I'm very much looking forward to The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency , which has had rave advance reviews and looks as though it will be a sumptuous treat and a fitting high point by which to remember Anthony Minghella . Alexander McCall Smith certainly thinks so.

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