Thursday, 6 March 2008

The World Book Day 'Book to Talk About'

Sorry to see that both Candi Miller's Salt & Honey and Pauline Rowson's In Cold Daylight (see previous Musings on both below) were pipped to the post in the World Book Day Books To Talk About competition.

Having read various reviews of the clear winner, Boy A, by Jonathan Trigell, I will be adding it to the TBR list. It sounds excellent and a deserving winner.

BUT . . . given that it was first published in 2004 AND has already been adapted for - and shown on - TV, the words 'level' and 'playing field' and the odd question mark spring to mind when pondering which criteria the compilers of the original long-list could possibly have had in mind. 'Recently published' clearly can't have been one of them. All a bit of a mystery, really.

Good to see that Salt & Honey made as much of an impression on Logophilia as it did on me. Strangely, although I'm not 'formally' taking part in the Africa Reading Challenge , I find that I'm already well into my third African read for 2008 anyway. And it's another good one, too. Of which more soon.


Logophile said...

I completely agree about Boy A, as, while it sounds excellent, the television adaptation (which had rave reviews!) must have helped tremendously. Still, I was glad that Salt & Honey did as well as it did, and the whole list looks interesting. Any attempt to raise the profile of authors outside the "mainstream" is a good thing!

And glad to hearing you're unofficially "doing" the Africa Reading Challenge!

Juliet said...

I didn't see the telly adaptation of Boy A (I hardly watch any telly at all!) but agree that it must have made a difference. It's had rave Amazon reviews as well.

I make a point of avoiding reading challenges (and memes, as you know!) and anything that puts pressure on my 'reading schedule', because I read mainly to escape from the pressures of my work! But . . . I do seem to be in African mode at the moment, so I shall keep an eye on your reviews to see what to go for next!

Pauline Rowson said...

Hi Juliet, Yes it was disappointing not to be number one, though I didn't really expect it. Nevertheless it was a fantastic achievement to come in the top ten especially when up against the might of the big publishers, some of whom have their own reading groups and were able to take advertising space in the Sunday Times. In addition, publishers' staff were able to vote for their own titles. So if you have lots of staff... I had a great day on World Book Day and I am delighted that In Cold Daylight has found some new and enthusiastic readers, it spurs me on to write more.