Thursday 10 January 2008

Busy not blogging (but still reading other people's)

Too busy to blog - deadlines to meet, children off school sick, walking the dog by night so not even taking any TBTE photos to post in lieu of words . . .

BUT - I have had time, it seems, to land on some excellent blogs since Christmas - some of them are brand new, others have been going for ages but I've only just discovered them (I'm so out of touch!). Here are some current favourites (in no particular order):

John Lenahan's Year of Gratuitous Socks - a magician decides to wear (and blog about) a completely new pair of socks every day in 2008 - but very soon discovers that he has a lot more to write about than socks. Alternately funny and deeply moving.

A New History of Love - a debut novelist's journal

It's A Crime! (or a mystery) - a lively book blog

Read-warbler - another lively book blog

Cynical Steve's Doggerel Blog (think I've mentioned this before, but it's worth mentioning twice!)

Logophilia - a brand new words and books blog, which looks very promising

The Hesitant Scribe - the musings of a PhD student and would-be author whose life has recently taken an dramatic turn

Sarah's Writing Journal - Sarah Salway's random notes on writing and other things

Santa Claus Blog (bet you didn't even know F. Christmas had a blog, did you?)

And Marine Mystery writer Pauline Rowson has started a new blog for aspiring writers, with guest posts by established authors: Authors on line workshop

. . . well, so much for a 'quick interim post' - this one seems to have taken me ages! Please click on some of these links that I'll feel that my laboriously fiddling around with html has all been worthwhile!


Anonymous said...

Hi Juliet
Thanks for the plug and for the links to some interesting blogs.
John Lenahan

monix said...

What a way to get your own back for the Baileys and LibraryThing, J! Now I have to spend even more hours reading blogs and then all those books they recommend. The family and chores will suffer even more neglect. They do look good, though.

Pauline Rowson said...

Hi Juliet. Thanks for the mention. I hope that established writers, agents, publishers, booksellers will contribute to the Authors On Line Workshop as it will help all those who write, read and publish books as well as budding writers. I am just about to update my marine mystery blog with the latest news on World Book Day, Spread The Word. Hope the kids are feeling better.

Cath said...

Hi, thanks for the mention! I wandered in here yesterday I think, via Random Distraction's lovely blog (just discovered hers too) and quickly realised that you have an interesting blog that I shall want to visit regularly. Off to do some clicking on your links now.

Juliet said...

John - my pleasure - and delighted to read about your Refol - brilliant news (and a fab pile of socks, too!).

M - Excellent - the more I learn about other people's dereliction of their duties through the pursuit of blogdom, the better I shall feel!

P - I'll pop over to catch up with Marine Mysteries soon. Everyone seems to be on the mend now, thanks, so I am looking forward to a peaceful and solitary Friday!

Cath - welcome - I shall be a regular visitor to yours, too. How could I fail to be drawn to a blog which uses Dickenson's "There is no frigate like a book to take us lands away" as a strapline?!

Juliet said...

oops. Dickinson's. (I blame the wine.)