Saturday 5 January 2008

Typographical musings on a greeney-bluey theme

Received an emailed newsletter this week from Myfonts , listing their Top Ten Fonts for 2007.

Myfonts stocks over 58,000 fonts and a quick surf of their new fonts page is always an inspiration.

Here are some from the Top Ten:

And while on the subject of typefaces, I should mention how very much I am enjoying those of my (‘surprise’ – ahem!) Christmas presents which came all the way from the Green Chair Press in Burlingame, California.

The gorgeous, luminous greens and blues of Susan’s short-run broadside ‘What Matters in Life’ complement the message of the silver-inked letters, which I have a feeling is going to be a pertinent one for 2008. (This scan doesn't do it justice at all, unfortunately.)

And here are the coasters (more bluey-greens).

And lastly the calendar, now sitting in chic splendour on my desk.

January’s (greeney-blue!) haiku reads:

‘first dream of the year
I keep it a secret –
smile to myself’

There are only 199 copies of these calendars in the world, apart from mine, and it amuses me, in an idle way, occasionally to wonder about the other people lucky enough to have one, and the other desks upon which my calendar’s siblings sit.

Finally, the very best thing about starting this blog last summer has been making the online acquaintance of so many interesting, friendly, generous and inspiring bloggers from all over the world – some of whom I feel I’ve known for ages, though it has only been a few months. Susan at Green Chair Press is one such, and another – whom I 'met' more recently – is Cathy, over at Teacher Features: Thoughts on Bookmaking with Kids , which is the blog of the San Fransisco Centre for the Book. If you have children or are involved in teaching arts subjects, then I would very much recommend a visit – it’s bursting with ideas and resources on book-related projects for children of all ages.


Anonymous said...

Hi Juliet,
what a great blog you have! I think I like font number 3, I'm just about to finish reading My Lady Ludlow by Elizabeth Gaskell and it reminds me of it...

60GoingOn16 said...

Number 8, closely followed by number 2 for me . . .

Anonymous said...

Fabulous. Have to agree that number 8 is very beautiful. I love the haiku calendar and your lovely present - you lucky Muddy Islander, you.;-)Teresa