Thursday 17 January 2008

Portraits of East Anglia

I don't listen to anything like as much radio as I would wish - nor half as much as I used to, back in the days when my workload was more dominated by typesetting than by editing (which needs a different kind of concentration).

But I have been making time for this week's treat on Radio 4 - Portraits of East Anglia, five specially commissioned stories by local authors, inspired by paintings of the East Anglian landscape, read by well-known actors and recorded in front of an audience in Halesworth, Suffolk.

Well worth a listen - each one's only 15 minutes long.

Man in the Water by Rose Tremain, read by Richard Hope

Jenny swears that she sees a man in the water and her father takes his fishing boat out to search for him. But when he finds nobody and there are no reports of a missing person, he begins to question her motives.

Teeny Weeny Little World by DJ Taylor, read by Stephen Critchlow

As a new school term begins, the recently appointed headmaster is making his mark with all sorts of changes - far too many for Mr Crowther's liking.

Days of Rest by Jill Laurimore, read by Rachel Atkins

On a beautiful summer Sunday, Jules is paying a visit to see Gran in her Suffolk care home. But it's not long before her London employers track her down.

Time and Tide by Anthony Horowitz, read by Gerard McDermott

On a Sunday afternoon in late September, two men make their way home across the quay at Orford. The dreaded weekenders have left and the village is once again quiet. But is everything quite as it seems?

The Red Digger by Raffaella Barker, read by Alex Tregear

Jules and Dino have arranged to meet their Dad on the beach after his fishing trip to walk the dog. But when the dog appears and Dad doesn't, the teenagers fear the worst.

You can listen to the stories here for a week following each broadcast.

And to see the paintings which inspired the writers, click here.

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