Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Love me or leave me

Grateful thanks to M at Random Distractions for alerting me to the Radio 3 Jazz Library programme devoted to Nina Simone which I missed while I was away.

I've been playing and replaying all morning and it's reduced me to rather a melty heap. You can listen again in the UK here for the next four days.

Here's one of my favourite Nina Simone tracks, which showcases her pianistic virtuosity as well as her quite exceptional voice.


KSV Woolfoot said...

Well, I am slightly gobsmacked. I took a nice walk this AM with my iPod on shuffle and Nina's recording of "I Love You Porgy" started playing while I was alone among the evergreens under a gray sky (maybe 3 hours ago). I _love_ my recording (not the one on Youtube but a more recent one from a Gershwin compilation). When I got to work I just felt compelled to see if I could play it on my computer. (Yes, at work. Not normally a thing I would do, but I was haunted). I went prowling around YouTube - with my boss in my office so she could hear too - and listened to and watched this very video. Is there a Nina Simone-appreciation transatlantic telepathic connection going on? I was sorry that the video of "Ne me quitte pas" had been pulled from Youtube. I love that song too and haven't heard it in a long time. What a magic power she has...

Juliet said...

Gosh, I think there must be! What a coincidence. Inspired by that programme (which I imagine, not being in the UK, you won't be able to catch, unfortunately), I've been rummaging around, digging out some NS CDs I haven't listened to for ages and transferring all the tracks to my laptop.