Thursday, 16 October 2008


Golly gosh, have I really not posted so much as a bean for a whole long week? This certainly seems to be the case and one of the possible reasons is this: I'm taking a little holiday next week.

Just me on my own - no children, no dogs, no work, no washing, no ironing, no cooking, no picking up dirty socks and sweet wrappers from the floors, no spraying air freshener at piles of stinky trainers . . . etc.

Just books and a laptop and a camera, the congenial company of friends I haven't seen for ages, walking on the Northumbrian and Scottish coast, strolling round art galleries in Edinburgh, and . . . that kind of thing. Some good long train journeys at either end of the week, so I hope to read stacks and stacks.

If last year's inaugural mummyholiday was anything to go by, I shall return thoroughly refreshed in every fibre, ready to take on whatever the approaching winter brings. Hooray!

Anyway, the reason behind that little anticipatory reverie is that in order to stand a chance of getting away from my in-tray, I have been working overtime this week, clearing the decks. And something had to give, and it's been blogging. So apologies for that. I haven't given up on Musings - indeed, I hope there will be some Musings from north of the Border next week, if I wrestle with the relevant wi-fi technology and win. There won't be a Friday Interview this week either, but there are a fair few bubbling away on the back burner now, so I hope to resume normal service shortly on that front.

Have got my hands on yet another camera! Here are a few experimental clicks from The Beach This Morning.


monix said...

Great photos, J. I look forward to some lovely shots of the northern coast. Happy holiday.

Kerrie said...

I just love your photos Juliet. Are you ever going to publish them in a book?
Have a good mummyholiday!

Martin Edwards said...

Enjoy your break. Great pix.

Kim Velk said...

Hi J -

I was thinking of you yesterday when I grabbed the video of _The Commitments_ off the shelf at my local library. I recalled I had seen it back in the darkest 1980s but your praise (not in this post but elsewhere) came back to me as I was wondering what would be good. I watched it today instead of doing all the things I was supposed to be doing. It was wonderful - I think I liked the view it offered of Irish street and working class life best of anything. Have a great holiday. It sounds fabulous. Love the pictures here. What kind of camera is it now? Please, keep it out of the water, the wine and the sand!

uphilldowndale said...

Green with envy, whilst in Edinburgh
watch out for this young man, dressed in green
He writes and takes photos too.

Juliet said...

M - thanks, I can now, thanks to the camera which has now come into my possession by various means (it's ok, though - I didn't steal it!) guarantee quite a lot of photos from further up the eastern coast!

Kerrie - thanks for your kind words, but compared with what some real photographers (using real cameras) make of the landscapes round here, these are mere snaps, and no, there are most definitely no plans for a book!

Martin - I shall, and thanx!

Kim - delighted to learn that I have led you so thoroughly astray. It's just brilliant, isn't it? So glad you enjoyed it. And yes, don't worry, I am handling the current camera with enormous care and attention, given my recent disastrous track record.

UHDD - thanks for the link. Some of your recent photos are just brilliant. I especially loved the Russet Shades and the pics from Chatsworth. The welded letters sculpture looks absolutely fascinating and I want it!

Anonymous said...

Every mummy deserves a holiday, Juliet and you've certainly earned yours. Have a wonderful time. The Edinburgh Boy says to send his love to the old home town.

Vanessa said...

Well, if you're going to be in Edinburgh and have time to pop into the bookshop it would be lovely to meet you and have a cuppa!

Juliet said...

D - Thanks, and I will certainly send EB's love to all Black Labs I see while I'm up in his old home town.

Vanessa - that's very kind of you - I may well take you up on that! I'll be there on Thursday, so hope that's not your day off?

Juxtabook said...

Have a great break Juliet!

Jane Badger said...

Glad all is well - have a great break!