Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The Yellow Jug

While in Scotland last week I stayed with my lovely friend Rachel.

A recurring subject in Rachel's paintings in recent years has been a rotund old wash-stand jug whose distinguishing feature is its striking and brilliant yellowness.

I'm not naturally a huge fan of yellow. It's ok for walls and it's ok for lemon drizzle cake and pilau rice and AA vans and fishermen's boots, but it's not a colour to which I've often been irresistibly drawn. Until I saw this painting:

And, more recently, this one:

And now, at long last, I have made the acquaintance in person of the Original Yellow Jug:

And fallen in love all over again.

Good thing my bags were already full to bursting when I left, is all I can say . . . !


Anonymous said...

Like you, Juliet, I'm not wild about yellow but I can see that yellow in this context would certainly have one drooling.

Juxtabook said...

How lovely - meeting the object so loved in the paintings.