Friday, 3 October 2008

No Air

Medicine, film-making, medicine, film-making, medicine, film-making . . .

Hmmm, SD#1 just can't decide where her future lies. But she's only just started her first year of GCSEs so there's plenty of time and her subject choices mean that all options remain open.

Meanwhile, while practising her bedside manner (amongst other things) by acting as assistant physio to Colchester RFC Colts, she fills the rest of her leisure hours refining her directorial and editing skills, filling up YouTube with the likes of this - a 'lipsync' to the song 'No Air' by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown.

On the right we have the original video, on the left are two of our very talented young actress/musician friends, directed, filmed and edited by SD#1. (The screens are a bit tiny because they're side by side, so click on 'full screen' in the right-hand corner for a better view.)

(PS, forgot to say, that the two vids were joined together by the girls' excellent, helpful and (I'm told, though I've yet to have the pleasure of verifying this info) kilt-wearing IT teacher, Mr N. Thanks Mr N, and look forward to meeting you at parents' evening.)


Charlotte said...

YouTube is so much better now with SD#1's videos! Form time is so much more interesting when we get to see the latest creation (:

Your comment on Mr N made me remember the day we walked in to see him wearing his famous kilt. I think we were all in a state of shock :P

Brilliant blog (:

Juliet said...

Hi Charlotte - thanks v much for your comment. I am so hoping that the famous Mr N will wear his famous kilt at parents' evening! Oh dear, I am a sad old middle-aged mum, aren't I?! And it's making me mega-nervous that all SD1's innocent young friends (like you) are reading my blog . . . I won't be able to post any more bad language or 'adult content' now! :-(

monix said...

I'm so impressed by all this talent. I can see your daughter's dilemma, perhaps she should become a surgeon and use her gifts behind the camera to help in the development of keyhole surgery!

Avalon said...

Good for people to know.