Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Coldingham Bay beach huts

Regular readers will be familiar with the beach huts here on the Muddy Island (see, eg here and here and here and, for the views of another islander, here).

Last week I walked on the beach and climbed the surrounding cliffs in Coldingham Bay, Berwickshire. Here are some of my TBTM pics from that gloriously sunny autumn morning (click to enlarge). And see how different the beach huts are from the ones back home!


geraldgee said...

Clearly not a patch on the Mersea ones

Anonymous said...

Beach huts - in Scotland? (Or were they South of the Border?) Looks pretty bracing, anyway!

Anonymous said...

Well, having spent wonderful holidays in both Coldingham and Mersea (in fact we're staging a return visit to Mersea this year with the addition to the family we created last time we were there!) I can say each has merits the other doesn't. Mersea definitely has the nicer beach huts, but Coldingham has a lovely sandy bay (just like in the Rupert books in fact) with rock pools for dipping in and rocks for climbing on. Each is very special in its own way.