Thursday 3 July 2008


Oh look! This is so sweet!

When I submitted my little rainbow cloud photo to the Cloud Appreciation Society last week I decided to join up and become an official member of the Society.

And what should arrive in the post today but my 'membership pack', comprising this jolly impressive certificate and little blue badge:

Plus this letter (click to enlarge):

I fear I do not need reminding to live my life with my head in the clouds. (Books, clouds, dreams of sheds - my head is usually somewhere it didn't oughta be . . .) But how lovely, for once, to be ordered to do so - and by a chap with such a splendid-sounding surname, as well!

I noticed on my visit today that there's another rainbow cloud (much better than ours, but I'm still very fond of the one my son spotted), plus this incredible 'waves' formation and this spectacular image of the midnight sun in Norway.

And since my certificate certifies that I 'will henceforth seek to persuade all who'll listen of the wonder and beauty of clouds', I am going to try to live up to my new responsibilities by doing just that:


Oh, go on!

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monix said...

Wow, all those badges you have to wear now, J. Be careful when training for the Race for Life, you might just topple over!