Monday 14 July 2008

Romance on Three Legs - free prize draw for bloggers

Those very nice people at Bloomsbury in New York have sent me an extra review copy of A Romance on Three Legs: Glenn Gould's Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Piano by New York Times journalist Katie Hafner.

I was very taken with this rather unexpectedly fascinating musical detective story, as you will gather from the various mentions I've given it on this blog. It's a real one-off kind of a book, which will appeal to all sorts of readers - you certainly don't need to be a Glenn Gould devotee, or a pianist, or even a classical music aficionado to appreciate it. It's a rattling good read and I can guarantee you will learn things about pianos and about the nature of genius that you didn't know before.

If you are interested in having a chance to read and review this book (which isn't yet published in the UK), then simply leave a comment here and I'll put the names into the dish on top of my piano at the end of next week and draw the lucky winner. The only proviso for entering is that you have a vaguely bookish or musical blog and will undertake to post your thoughts about the book in due course.


monix said...

I thought I would be at least the twentieth to enter this draw, J, after your enticing review. Perhaps that is deterring people - wondering what else there might be to say! I would love to read it but it would be behind three others being reviewd at present - including that Penguin book of Moliere's plays - should I be lucky enough to win.

Juliet said...

well you're in a one-horse race at the moment, M!

Please don't be deterred, everyone! A feature-length review is not required - just a few words about the book on your blog once it's reached the top of the TBR pile.

Cath said...

Stick my name in the draw please. Always up for reading something a bit different.

Anonymous said...

As my late maternal grandfather was a professional pianist and, as I have an unbounded passion for Glen Gould, I just have to say 'count me in please, J'. And I promise to post a few words of pith and moment if I'm lucky enough to win!

Anonymous said...

Please count me in if I'm not too late (justback from Scottish hols!)