Wednesday 9 July 2008


Grabbed a quick trudge on the beach between downpours. A dull, grey, wet and windy day from dawn until dusk. I'm afraid I'm still reduced to using my mobile phone for pics. It's difficult to hold it still while being buffeted by the wind. I doooo miss my Simple Little Girls' Camera!

The marshes aren't dull, though. The sea lavender is in full bloom (and sporting the occasional startlingly bright red leaf) and the samphire* shoots pushing up through the mud glow with brilliant greens and luscious reds as if illuminated from within.

We've had some very high tides this week - there's seaweed on the roads and hanging in the hedgerows.

* Marsh samphire Salicornia Europaea, also known as glasswort.


Anonymous said...

Love the planks of wood disappearing into the mud. Teresa

Greg Dunn said...

Teresa, that encapsulates the struggle of keeping those old dateboxes afloat perfectly!