Friday 4 July 2008


1. The Boy is back from his Devon Adventure. Brown, grazed, dirty, smelly, tired but very happy.

2. A particularly tedious and time-consuming manuscript is off my desk at last, so life and work can resume a slightly more normal rhythm, so far as it ever achieves anything resembling 'normality'

3. The gooseberry and elderflower jam is completely the wrong colour but delicious nevertheless. For green gooseberry jam, apparently, one needs hard, under-ripe fruit. Ours were ripe and sweet and beginning to blush (perfect for eating raw), so the jam took longer to set and turned pink. No matter. It's the taste that counts, and on that score I think it can be considered a success. SD#3 designed the labels. Note wholly misleading jam-jar lid! I've run out of Kilner jars and so am employing the dregs of the recycled collection.

My trusty little camera finally gave up the ghost today. This has made me irrationally sad and wailey bordering on the weepy. I really loved it! My new mobile phone has far more megapixels and clever functions and so in theory takes much better pics, but it just isn't the same. I'm not awfully keen on gadgetry - I prefer things to be simple. Anyway, feeling rather naked (though actually quite decently attired), I skipped off down to the sea wall for a quick dog walk this evening before the Boy got back. And took these on my phone:

A big sloppy wet Mersea kiss!!

Now I'm off to bed with the wonderful Scones book, which is proving every bit as appetising as it sounds.


Cat said...

I loved eating gooseberries out of my sisters yard growing up, they were my favorite part of visiting my sister (don't let her know that ;-)).

Greg Dunn said...

Hmmm, there's something Gothic about that Swiss army knife that takes phone calls and pictures, not the same stripe at all as the old trusty, so I can understand your grief. Any chance of finding son of old trusty?

This is one summer weekend I'm glad I'm domiciled in the FPRH, it's horrible! Prayer mats out for next weekend, when I'm hoping to take the Black Diamond up the London River to get in the way of the Gravesend Thames Barge Match.

Juliet said...

Glorious weather down here today, Greg! Will get out the mobile on my lunchtime hike shortly so you can see what you're missing. I don't think anyone makes simple pocket cameras any more - only ones which are also mp3 players which send emails!