Friday 11 July 2008

Have you ever . . .

. . . jotted down a name or number on the back of your hand with a biro in the absence of a scrap of paper?

Here's someone who took things a little bit further!

It took eight hours of writing, five permanent markers and was done to draw attention to a campaign to promote writing on designated graffiti spaces rather than other people's property.

And it took three baths and two showers to clean it all off!

Which reminds me of a small domestic nightmare which took place on the evening before the start of a new school year seven years ago. SD#1 and SD#2 had played happily together in the garden all day long. A game of pirates. I called them in for a bath.

Son had a drawn-on moustache, copious 'stubble' and a large black eye-patch. Face paints! How sweet.

Except that it didn't come off in the bath.

'What did you do this with?' I enquired . . . not terrifically calmly.

'CD marker pens', came the reply.

Several hours, a lot of soap, and even some light scrubbing with a nail brush later, the remnants of the eye-patch were still visible.

So off he went to his first day at a new school with a black eye and a faint moustache ...


Sam Charles Norton said...

Ha! Last night middle child took a permanent marker and covered his feet and ankles with it.

So far not so bad.

He then proceeded into a living room (with cream coloured furniture) and practiced his drawing skills....

Any tips for removing it?

Juliet said...

Sam, sorry but my cleaning skills are nearly as deficient as my parenting skills!

I believe that hairspray is pretty good at removing permanent dye, ink etc from fabric.

There's probably one of those Stain Devil sticks dedicated to ink, as well.